Conversational monitoring

Caro checks in regularly with your patients, chatting to them on their phone about how they are doing and advising them when they need guidance.

Patients track their recovery over time, and can see how they compare with other patients.

Our tests show that patients of all ages love the conversational interface, and engagement with conversations is significantly higher than traditional forms.

Micro learning

Caro puts you in control of the information your patient sees about their treatment.

Research shows that patients forget most of what they are told during their pre-operative consultation. By breaking this information down, personalising it for each patient, and delivering it when it is relevant, Caro makes sure your patients are always informed.

Information about the treatment is broken up into bite-sized chats, pages, images, and videos, and delivered to the patient when they need it most. Push notifications make sure patients never miss a thing. Because your patients confirm with Caro that they understand the content, you always know how they are progressing.

Real-time dashboard

Healthcare professionals get a new level of insight into each patient, showing how they are recovering, their mood, and their symptoms.

Engaging multi-media surveys, asked in the Caro app, make capturing PROMs and other patient-reported measures simpler than ever before.

Caro leverages techniques from behavioural economics, cognitive psychology, and user experience design to achieve the highest possible completion rates for surveys.


AZ West