A digital companion for every patient

Caro is an app that guides and informs your patients throughout their journey with you from initial consultation to treatment and follow-up.


Patient expectations are changing - is your practice ready?



Healthcare professionals spend valuable consultation time repeating the same information, which patients are likely to forget as soon as the consultation is over.

Patients turn to printed brochures, phone calls, and, of course, Dr Google when they need support.

Capturing informed consent and patient reported outcomes is a manual and error-prone process.



By automating repetitive communication, Caro frees healthcare professionals to focus on the patient interactions that really matter.

Caro supports, informs, and reminds patients throughout their treatment.

Caro keeps an auditable record on what patients know and how they are feeling to help you have informed conversations.

The future of meaningful patient interactions starts with Caro

Chat with Caro

Patient retention of information, especially in a stressful situation, is low and as you want your patient to feel comfortable and informed, you’ll want to alleviate any of their concerns and prepare them adequately for treatment. We built Caro to do that for you.

Your patients will interact with Caro on their phone/device, in a way that feels completely natural to them. Personalized chats can be used to guide patients when onboarding, support them through stressful periods of the treatment, and to check in on their recovery throughout the process.

Caro provides easily digestible content

Caro allows you to control what information your patient is consuming about their treatment to guide them along their journey to recovery. Caro breaks up information about the treatment a patient will be undergoing into bite-sized pieces of video, text and image, that are delivered to the patient when they are most relevant in the lead-up and follow-up of a treatment.

Your patients will indicate that they have understood the content, so you always know how they are progressing.

Caro keeps your patients engaged with push

By pushing chats and content to patients at just the right time, Caro will keep your patients engaged and informed.

You will onboard patients during your consultation and add a scheduled treatment date so they can then use Caro to be reminded of key actions they need to take during their treatment, reducing uncertainty and worry, and improving adherence.

The team behind Caro

Caro team

At Caro we believe that developments in user-centered design, cloud computing, and AI are unlocking a bright future of informed, supported patients. We are passionate about a future where healthcare professionals are freed from some of their admin-heavy tasks to be able to focus on more meaningful patient interactions and great care. That’s why we created Caro, a digital companion for your patients.